Why shouldn’t you? “Take medicine with milk”?

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We always hear that medicine should not be taken with milk. But many people still don’t know what the real reason is. And if eaten together, will there be any danger or not? Tonkit360 has collected information that will help solve this question for you.

Why shouldn't you? “Take medicine with milk”?

Calcium in milk interacts with medicines.

This is because milk has a high calcium content. When drinking milk together with medicine This causes calcium to react with the medicines that are taken. This usually results in the drug losing its effect. and cause the effectiveness of the drug to disappear Including affecting the absorption of the drug. Doctors therefore recommend avoiding taking medicine with beverages such as milk.

What kinds of milk should not be taken with medicine?

All types of milk can interact with medicines, including breast milk, animal milk (cow’s milk, goat’s milk, sheep’s milk), plant-based milk (soy milk, almond milk, corn milk), and pasteurized milk. (fresh milk that has been pasteurized at a temperature of 63-65 degrees Celsius), sterilized milk (fresh milk that has been pasteurized at a temperature of 118 degrees Celsius) and UHT milk (fresh milk that has been pasteurized at a temperature of 135-150 degrees Celsius)

Taking medicine with water is the most effective!

Reasons why medicine should be taken with water This is because the drug breaks down. Best dissolved and absorbed into the body This is because water does not contain high amounts of minerals or nutrients that can cause reactions with medicines and reduce the effectiveness of the medicines.

But what if it is a child or someone who has trouble swallowing medicine? Until unable to swallow medicine while drinking water Your method may need to be adjusted by mixing the สมัคร ufabet medicine to make it easier to swallow. Which doctors recommend mixing with water as well. After mixing the medicine with water Drink it all to get the full dose. And don’t leave it for more than 2 hours.

Except for 2 hours if consuming dairy products.

If you drink milk or consume dairy products such as butter, cheese, yogurt. You must leave a period of 2 hours before and after taking the medicine. This is to prevent the medicine and calcium from interacting in the stomach or small intestine, which after 2 hours has passed. This is enough time to prevent the medicine from moving together in the digestive tract.