How to eat “Durian” to not get fat and healthy

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“Durian”, the king of fruits that is popular with many people. It is a fruit that is known to be high in sugar and calories. But the sweet and delicious taste of durian So it’s very hard to resist eating. Therefore, we should know how to eat durian to not get fat and have good health .

Durian, the king of Thai fruits that many people love. With its sweet and delicious taste, durian is very popular with both Thais and foreigners. But every time I ate it, I felt guilty in my heart. Because it is a fruit that is high in sugar and calories. if eating too much It can result in a sore throat, heartburn, and weight gain. However, durian is also considered to be a fruit that is beneficial to health as well. So how should we eat durian to not get fat and good UFABET for health?

How to eat "Durian" to not get fat and healthy

Durian is a fruit that is high in sugar, vitamin C, potassium, serotonergic amino acids, tryptophan, carbohydrates, protein and is a good source of fresh fat in an unheated diet. In addition, durian pulp also contains sulfur or sulfur compounds such as thiol, thioether, ester and sulfite, which give durian its characteristic strong odor. Some people say that durian smells good. But while some people think it smells bad. It is popular to eat both cooked and unripe, depending on what people like. It can also be used to cook a variety of dishes. Even the seeds can be eaten. but must be cooked first

Nutritional value of durian

According to the study of nutritional value and sugar content in durian by the Bureau of Nutrition, Department of Health, it was found that each species of durian has nutritional value. and the amount of sugar varies according to the type or species as follows:

What are the benefits of durian?

  1. stimulate excretion

Information from the Herbal Information Office Faculty of Pharmacy Mahidol University states that durian is a fruit that is quite high in dietary fiber. These fibers contribute to the excretion. Durian contains approximately 3-5% dietary fiber (depending on the species). 

  1. skin and hair care

According to the study data of Dr. Phakawadi Sermsappasuk, it was found that durian flesh contains polyphenols. and flavonoids Helps against free radicals and also contains vitamin C, vitamin E and collagen to nourish the skin to be beautiful. It also contains many nutrients including copper, zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc. that nourishes the hair

  1. Help cure skin disease. Quickly dry up abscesses and pus.

Durian pulp contains sulfur as the main ingredient. therefore making it hot when eaten in large quantities may cause overheating But this heat can help cure skin diseases. Quickly dry up abscesses and pus.

  1. help drive parasites

Durian meat contains sulfur that gives heat to the body. It has the effect of driving parasites. Help drive worms, worms. In addition, durian leaves also have properties to drive parasites in another way. It can also cure jaundice.

  1. cure diarrhea

Durian root when boiled with water and brought to drink. It can help treat diarrhea.

  1. edit

Durian leaves and roots can be extracted for fever.

  1. Treatment of eczema, ringworm, wound healing

Durian peel can be used to treat eczema, ringworm, wound healing, and lymphatic drainage. Treatment of blisters, abscesses and Tan Sang. In addition, the pharmacological study of durian also found that Polysaccharide gel obtained from durian peel has antibacterial activity against many types of bacteria. And when the substance was developed into a wound covering film, it was found that It has properties to help heal wounds and reduce inflammation of the wound as well.

Tips for eating durian to not get fat and healthy

  1. It’s good to choose to eat raw durian. Because overripe durian contains a lot of sugar.
  2. Shouldn’t eat durian more than 2 tablets a day, medium size (about 80 grams) and shouldn’t eat frequently every day. because if you eat too much It can result in a sore throat, heartburn, and being overweight.
  3. Should avoid eating durian with coconut milk. because sugar from durian, sticky rice and fat from coconut milk May result in obesity and heat in the stomach. And should reduce the food group of rice-flour, 1 ladle and dessert in the meal that eats durian.
  4. May eat durian with mangosteen Information from the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine states that mangosteen is a fruit. that has a cooling effect that can help resist the heat caused by eating durian And mangosteen is high in dietary fiber. Contains anti-inflammatory agents Solve the heat and still have a lot of water. which is suitable for eating with durian
  5. Durian should not be eaten together with alcoholic beverages. The Director-General of the Department of Health said that durian is a food that is high in fat and carbohydrates. Alcoholic beverages are also high in energy. when eating durian with alcoholic beverages The body will get too much energy. causes blood sugar levels to rise rapidly resulting in process Metabolism to eliminate more waste. In addition, the sulfuric acid in durian will decrease the enzymes that eliminate toxins from the metabolic process. If you have health problems or congenital diseases, it may cause redness, numbness, dizziness and vomiting.

Dr. Suwanchai Wattana Yingcharoenchai Director-General of the Department of Health said that for people with underlying diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes , heart disease and high blood pressure. Should be more careful about eating durian than the average person. May eat, but must eat less than normal and not too often. Because eating durian in large quantities or eating durian too often Will affect the sugar and fat levels in the blood.