Ronaldo has confirmed that he will play for Manchester United again on the day.

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Manchester United’s 5 Ballon d’Or superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has confirmed. Will comeback to play for the Red Devils again on Instagram.

  Cristiano Ronaldo has made it clear he expects to play in Manchester United‘s friendly game against Rayo Vallecano on Sunday July 31 2022. The 37-year-old is not included in the squad for a trip to Norway to meet Atletico Madrid in today’s friendly in Oslo. Where the team traveled is expected. That will be the UFABET team that will start in the Premier League next week.

Ronaldo has confirmed that he will play for Manchester United again on the day.

          The absence of this superstar striker in the squad that traveled to Oslo causing more doubts about his future. Which is still unclear. But most recently, he has posted on Instagram of a football fan who talks about the Red Devils game on Saturday. This Sunday The king will play. Sunday’s game against Rayo Vallecano looked like a small game. But it wouldn’t have been the case if Ronaldo was involved as he had hoped.

 Ronaldo won’t be the only big name to play for the Spanish side with Rafael Varane Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Luke Shaw all absent from Norway. It is expected to play with However Ronaldo remains keen to leave Manchester United. His agent Jorge Mendes is working hard to find a new club for him. Although it may be admitted that finding a new club for the superstar is much more difficult than expected.

         Despite being one of the greatest players on the planet. His age his huge wages And the chance that he will go in makes the team unbalanced. Makes interested clubs to think hard And while he is pushing for a move away from Old Trafford. It’s unclear if he will leave. His former club Sporting is seen as a possible destination, while Chelsea are also said to be possible. But so far it is unclear at all.

 After two friendly games this weekend, Manchester United will kick off their Premier League season with a home away from Brighton & Hove Al at Old Trafford. Bien on Saturday August 7, 2022 and it is almost certain that Ronaldo will not be in the starting XI.