Grading players Chelsea-Spurs, Premier League game, fierce duel, Singha beats 9 Roosters 4-1, Jackson hat-trick: Player Ratings

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– 2 red cards changed the game, making Spurs clearly unable to fight
Nicholas Jackson took the opportunity to score a hat-trick…out of about 58 chances
And this is the Chelsea player’s ability score and Spurs in this ufabet game

Premier League Monday Night that everyone is keeping an eye on with the big game, the London derby match between the undefeated Spurs and Chelsea, which is still up and down, but the result shows that Chelsea stormed the chicken coop 4- 1 with Nicholas Jackson’s hat-trick after an important turning point such as the two red cards of Cristian Romero and Destiny Udogi.

Grading players Chelsea-Spurs, Premier League game, fierce duel, Singha beats 9 Roosters 4-1, Jackson hat-trick: Player Ratings

Chelsea player ratings

Robert Sanchez – 7

conceded an early goal in the first 6 minutes, but the same was not true when it was a deflected ball. Then there were some missed balls. But he still made an important save from Son Heung-min’s shot to keep it from being 2-2 in injury time.

Levi Colville – 5

once again deployed at left-back. But they were attacked quickly and lost the goal immediately when Dejan Kulusevski shot into the back of Colville, changing the direction. Then he played with such ferocity and fervor that he received a yellow card. and was immediately removed at the start of the second half. for fear of being exposed to the red

Thiago Silva – 6

Had quite a bit of work in the first half hour. But he breathed a sigh of relief when Spurs received 2 red cards. Even though they were smaller than Spurs, they still came in front of them and caused Silva no small amount of worry.

Axel Disasi – 6

Like Silva, the workload is clearly lighter after Chelsea have more men, but Disasi’s coordination with Silva is not 100% smooth, having to wait both for the timing of Eric Dier whether he is offside or not and Son Heung-min’s injury shot that Robert Sanchez had to save.

Reece James – 7

returns to the starting lineup for league games after being absent for a while. And at first had to face a difficult task of cleaning up and cleaning up a strong man like Brennan Johnson, but when Johnson was removed after receiving a red card Immediately played with confidence before being taken out to rest to avoid injury complications

Moises Caicedo – 6 Pochettino

‘s system may be more to blame when in the beginning there were many moments where Caicedo didn’t run after James Maddison’s game all the way, but focused on controlling the zone. in your own position And unfortunately, the long shot went off the beautiful post. Caught offside on the tip of Nicholas Jackson’s heel just a little bit.

Enzo Fernandez – 6

was moved back to the center to support Caicedo once again when Pochettino saw that he was not standing tall in the middle of the attack. But he was the one who called a penalty for the team (confused) in the 32nd minute when the referee checked VAR and came back to give a red card to Christian Romero before Enzo was substituted in the second half. It seems to hurt a little.

Raheem Sterling – 7

went solo and scored a goal in the 22nd minute, but it was clear that the ball bounced back and hit his arm, making it a handball. Then it is considered to use speed and competition to trap the offside. can be useful Especially the opening goal for Jackson to take a 2-1 lead (75th minute) that was an important bridge to an overwhelming victory.

Connor Gallagher – 7,

starting as a central attacking midfielder. But it is considered to have little role in the game in the first half. When the ball runs back and forth, it doesn’t quite hit your feet. Yet, in the end, it was considered to have made a significant contribution to the victory. By rushing around in the middle of the field. Participated in both offense and defense and made 1 assist in the goal 3-1 (90+4)

Cole Palmer – 7

scored a penalty that hit the inside post to equalize 1-1 after half an hour. and played flashily with a high standard throughout the game Including being the one who left long for Jackson to slip in and make a hat trick 90+7

Nicholas Jackson – 8

Gin Gujelmo Vicario missed a golden opportunity early in the game. Then Moises Caicedo’s shot was caught offside, just as Sterling’s opening shot was offside. Best of all, the account was finally closed with Sterling’s offering of a gold plate in the 75th minute. and Gallagher 90+5, including coming to score his first hat-trick in the 7th minute of injury time from an offside catch as usual.


Mark Cugureya (replacing Levi Colville in the 46th minute) – 6

had a chance to break through in the 68th minute that could have been a goal, but was unable to beat Gujelmo Vicario. However, it was considered successful. The left-back role was unmistakable.

Mikailo Mudrik (in place of Enzo Fernandez, 57) – 4

should do much better as a substitute and have a lot of space to play after Spurs only have 9 people left, but there is Both launched high off target and went too far into a fight with Vicario until he received a yellow card.

Malo Gusto (in place of Reece James, 77) – 5

didn’t give Chelsea much confidence that they would be able to close the game better than if they had James on the field. It’s still good that they cut the game. Until the foul on the line did not have a negative effect on the results of the competition.

Lesley Ugochukwu (replacing Raheem Sterling, 90+1) N/A

was on the field for 9 minutes of injury time but didn’t do much. Just to help increase the power in the midfield a bit.

Spurs player ratings

Gujelmo Vicario 9 Destiny Udogi
Mickey van der Ven 6 (Emerson Royal 7, 45+1)
Cristian Romero 4
Pedro Porro 8
E Fs Bissouma 7
Pape Sarr 7 (Oliver Skipp 7, 61)
Brennan Johnson 7 (Eric Dier 8, 34)
James Maddison 6 (Pierre -Emile Hojbjerg 9, 45+1)
Dejan Kulusevski 6 (Rodrigo Bentancur 6, 61)
Son Heung-Min 7