Brain Injury Association
of Prince Edward Island

Gearing Up!

Helmet Campaign

The Brain Injury Association is getting ready to launch "Gearing Up" for 2017.

The three (3) main objectives of the campaign are;

1. To provide helmets to kids who can't afford one for Free

2. To increase the use of helmets in the GreaterCharlottetown Area to reduce head injuries due to sportig accidents.

3. To increase awareness and knowlede about the need for helmetsin preventing head injuries and death in children

This year we are promoting more than bicycle helmets, we are also promoting the use of helmets while skateboarding, longboarding or in-line skating. Local Police Dept will be enforcing the Highway Traffic Act, which states "that helmets are mandatory when riding a bicycle on Island roads".

The other part of the program is the reward program, where police and Brain Injury Association stafff will be handing out rewards such as ice cream coupons, coffee cards, etc.

If you are seen wearing your helmet while riding your bike, skateboarding, longboarding or inline skating you may receive a reward. Businesses are coming forward to offer us rewards, such as Dairy Queen, Cows, Subway, Beanz and Receiver Coffee

Anyone who receives a fine for not wearing a helmet will have the option to attend an information session in September and their ticket will be voided.

Many groups are thinking more about safety but not all kids are able to afford helmets. We want to help them to be able to enjoy the great outdoors. If you or your group are in need of helmets, contact the office and we will help you get a proper helmet for this summer.